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Need to ask a question about wills

1 Answers. Asked on May 12th, 2017 on Wills and Probate - New Jersey
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My dad passed away in August of 2016. My stepmother is in control of everything. She claims that dad had a will and left her everything but she still hasn't produced dad's will to the probate office. My dad had told me that he left me and Chris his money from working at a national quards. I believe that I'm in my dad's will and my stepmother doesn't want me to get anything so she's not turning it in. What can I do please?
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Answered on May 13th, 2017 at 5:20 AM

You have to do a bit of investigating yourself.  Firt call the county probate office of the county in which your dad lived at the time of his death.  Ask them if anything to do with your dad's estate has been registered.  If it has been, you can get a copy of whatever it is directly from them.  Its not just the Will you have to worry about, its other assets where you may be named as a beneficiary.  For example, if ou are named as a beneficiary of life insurance, you don't need the will to claim that benefit.  The Will only controls assets that were only in your dad's name.  Your step-mom cannot transfer or sell anything your dad owned in his own name alone unless she probates the will and get a certificate back thta proves she has done that.  Good Luck. 


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