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I have been refused my inheritance that a uncle left me and possibly my grandfather as well by my family what can I do to find out what both trust say

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My uncle and I have never gotten along and he is the head of my uncle's trust and he has been given control over my grandmother's things that were supposed to come to me from my uncle's trust were not given to me they were told out of everything my stuff was not able to be located and my grandfather told me he left things to me and I believe I'm being lied to by my father and my uncle about what my grandfather's trust says my uncle always has an excuse I can't find it I don't have the time I can't find it I want to know what my rights are to see my grandfather's trust and my passed away Uncles Trust. I believe I've been stolen from and I also believe my uncle forced my grandmother to change things with threats of a nursing home she has said on my occasions she didn't want to go to a home her lawyer refused to do what my uncle wanted him to do without my dad present. He also mailed letters to all family but my dad,mom,sister and myself we learned. This seems like we & I've been cheated.
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Answered on Aug 11th, 2017 at 8:19 PM

You can sue trustees and executors who dont give you your rightful gift from the decedent.   Most beneficiaries don't realuze that many family members who are named to settle an estate or trust often do a terrible job!  Sometimes it is meaness, sometimes its ignorance, frequently it is simple theft.  The only way I know how you can nip it in the bud is to hire the very best estate and trust lawyer you can afford.  That is the rotten part.   It will cost you money.  You will be damaged by the awful fiduciary. Ifbit is significant enough a horrible job, or theft is involved you can sue for your damages as well. 

But if you want to try to preserve your family relationships and get the matter fixed faster than a court can and for a lot less cist in fees, try to get all parties to consider trying to settle tge matter through mediation.  It works!

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