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How can I find a lawyer who provides limited scope representation?

1 Answers. Asked on May 08th, 2017 on Wills and Probate - New Jersey
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I have read a lot about limited scope representation, a/k/a discrete task legal assistance or unbundling. This sounds just right for me. As a high school teacher I have an affinity for learning new things and I'm used to presenting material to an audience that is not sympathetic to my role. I can't afford full-service representation for an entire litigation but I can afford to pay for the tasks I could use help with the most. Unfortunately, when I tried to find lawyer for limited scope representation, I could not find anyone who was familiar with this concept. Several lawyers I contacted expressed concern that they could be held liable for failure to provide full services. This reaction came as a surprise to me since I found that the ABA is encouraging lawyers to provide limited scope representation and studies show that it does not increase ethics problems or legal malpractice claims.
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Answered on May 13th, 2017 at 5:36 AM

The ability to provide a limited scope of representation depends on the type of situation involved.  For exmaple, I can agree to prepare a will for you and do nothing else.  I can give you a price for that service, and when its complete, our business relationship ends.  I cannot provide a lmited scope and agree to just draft a complaint and file it for you probate court.  Once I have done that, there are restrictions on my ability to get out of the case and there is liabilitty if I don't do everything I need to do to adequately represent you.  

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